Becoming a member will allow you to experience luxury every month. Not only will we provide you with a moment of tranquility, but also, a sense of serenity. Become a member if you want to feel the continuous feeling of being relaxed, revitalized, and renewed!

  • Silver (Pure Harmony)
  • Bronze (The Getaway)
  • Gold (Relaxed Destination)
  • Purple Diamond


Pure Harmony is meant to synchronize the body. With this membership, you will receive a Foot Paradise Scrub and our Signature Yoni Steam with meditation. All in all, if you're looking to sync you're mind and body, Subscribe to Pure Harmony!



Subscribe to this membership if you’re looking to arrive at the Ultimate Destination. Whether it’s self-care, peacefulness, an escape from reality, or the feeling of renewal. At LM Beauty & Spa, we are destined to get you there. Click below to subscribe!

This subscription includes:

  • Yoni Steam
  • Sauna Wrap



Everyone needs a getaway at some point in their life. The Getaway membership includes Our Signature Yoni Steam, Our Sauna Wrap, and Our Foot Paradise with your choice of foot soak (Lemonique, Milk & Honey, Rose Water, or Peppermint). In the end, this membership will make you feel as if you took a vacation to paradise! Treat yourself and subscribe now!



With this membership, we promise to provide you with a clear, peaceful, undisturbed experience. The Purple Diamond membership will allow you to clear your mind, forget about everything and pause for a second. Not to mention, It’ll make you feel pure and unique, just like a purple diamond. This subscription includes everything below plus mimosas!

  • Serene Meditation w/ Sage (Optional)
  • Sauna Wrap
  • Foot Paradise w/ Choice of Foot Soak
  • Signature Yoni Steam
  • Facial Steam


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